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Keep London Connected

aislingCertitude’s campaign Keep London Connected shines a light on a very real issue for many people – loneliness.  Despite 8.6m people living in the capital, London can feel a very lonely place. Somehow the hustle and bustle makes the loneliness …

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Trading Places

Certitude’s CEO, Aisling Duffy and Director of Mental Health, Nicholas Campbell-Watts recently had the opportunity to don some chef whites and work alongside the kitchen staff at Abbevilles restaurant in Clapham.

Abbevilles is a social enterprise run by First Step …

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A few reflections…

As we approach the last few months of Certitude’s current 3 year strategy, it seems appropriate to reflect on what has, without doubt, been a busy, challenging and successful few years.

Times of ongoing austerity are no doubt tough and, …

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Where’s the Rolls Royce? Staff experience what it is like to be CEO for the Day

Aisling and winners Mary and Dada of Being CEO for the day

Certitude CEO Aisling Duffy explains the thinking behind Certitude’s ‘Being CEO for a day’ competition and shares her experience of the day:

As an organisation, we are really keen that our staff are fully engaged and play an active role

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The time is always ripe to do right

It is that time of year!

Aisling-DuffyAs the calendar year comes to a close and we reflect on time passed, experiences felt and lessons learned we can begin to think about our goals and plans for the year ahead. I …

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Appreciating Excellence

This is what we are about

Our third Michael Rosen Award Ceremony took place on Thursday 21 November at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster. The event was a fantastic success and I was incredibly proud of everyone there, and …

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Learning Disability Awareness Week – We are Family!

I am unashamedly borrowing this title from a great song and personal favourite by Sister Sledge! It goes someway to succinctly capture the needed focus on family during this Learning Disability Awareness week. Over the many years I have worked …

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The Meaning of Words

I was struck when reading a recent article by @Ermintrude2 Twitter extraordinaire summarising the Cavendish Review and the reference she makes to some of the inappropriate language we use in health and social care. I couldn’t agree more and felt …

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Listening to carers is not enough, they need our support too

As social care providers, if we want to support individuals with learning disabilities to have the best life possible, we have to make sure we are getting it right for the whole family. If we support carers – as well …

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Do people with ‘lived experience’ give better support than professionals?

As it’s Carers Week I thought it was a good opportunity to highlight the growing role for carers who have lived experience. This idea – that people who have been through an experience are in a unique position to advise …

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