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Putting myself in his shoes Mar 29

People communicate in many ways – different languages, different sign languages and even how we react physically when talking with someone can all vary greatly. Communication can be a challenge for people with Autism so, as part of Autism Awareness Week, we are looking at some of the different ways we communicate with people we […]

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No lies, no deception, just honesty! Mar 28

As part of Autism Awareness Week, we are focusing on some of the communication tools we use at Certitude. Communication – understanding what’s happening around you and in turn being understood – can sometimes be difficult for people with autism. As part of Autism Awareness Week we spoke to Matt, a Deputy Manager, who explains […]

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Communication is the foundation for everything Mar 27

For Autism Awareness Week, we will be sharing stories each day from across Certitude focusing on the importance of great communication. We think that supporting people to communicate their needs and desires effectively is the key to making your own choices and having a good and fulfilling life.  Melanie, Total Communication Practitioner at Certitude tells us about […]

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Having a choice matters to me Mar 21

It’s important to encourage others to make their own choices and help raise awareness of what Down Syndrome is and how people with Down Syndrome play a vital role in our lives and communities. Here, Parvin talks about her experience of “My Voice, My Community”.  “If you don’t know Parvin, she’s always the first one […]

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Enjoy every moment and don’t live life with regret Mar 21

As part of World Down Syndrome Day, we’ve been catching up with people about what is most important to them. Here, Christopher talks about what “My Voice, My Community” means to him. If anyone asks, I’m related to Ronny O’Sullivan but I’m a much better snooker player (we really just share the same last name!). […]

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