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It’s a new feeling – embrace it, you deserve it May 10

Throughout this week, we have been sharing Letters of Hope as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. Here, Latoya shares what she would tell herself if she had a chance to go back to a time when she was struggling with her mental health… Dear Latoya, You’ve been through a lot in what seems like forever […]

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Just take it one day at a time… May 09

Everyone experiences changes in their mental health throughout their life. For Sarah, it was important to her that she never stopped fighting. Here is her Letter Of Hope… Hello Sarah, I’d ask how you are, but we both know the answer to that. You are frightened. You feel lost and despite everyone around you, you feel […]

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Never feel like you need to go through all this by yourself May 08

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we are sharing Letters of Hope from people across Certitude. If you had the chance to go back and tell yourself something when you were struggling with your mental health, what would you say?   Here, Charlie shares his thoughts… Hello Charlie, I know you feel alone at the moment […]

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We just need to learn and find a different way… Mar 30

As part of Autism Awareness Week we are looking at communication. Here Laura, Day Opportunities Manager in Southall talks about Intensive Interaction and how this has helped people we support who are not able to communicate verbally. Samson hits himself on the head and glances in my direction, but his eyes are unfocused. I smile […]

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Putting myself in his shoes Mar 29

People communicate in many ways – different languages, different sign languages and even how we react physically when talking with someone can all vary greatly. Communication can be a challenge for people with Autism so, as part of Autism Awareness Week, we are looking at some of the different ways we communicate with people we […]

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