Certitude’s Annual Report 2011

Certitude Annual Report 2011

Certitude Summer Newsletter 2011

Certitude's summer newsletter incorporation Our News and Upside Certitude Summer Newsletter – June 2011


Autism still misunderstood

Following, Panorama’s shocking programme, Phoebe Caldwell, an expert practitioner in Intensive Interaction, blogs about how people with autism are still misunderstood.  Follow Phoebe Caldwell’s blog  on In Control’s website.

Certitude is committed to supporting people with autism through Intensive Interaction. Our Creative Communication Worker, Lucy Harrison, works with people, their support teams and families to understand and feel confident in using intensive interaction as a way to build better relationships based on trust, true understanding and individual control.

Lessons for resettlement – Clinks study

A case study on Beyond Prison“Lessons for resettlement” is the latest Clinks study that explores issues around resettlement for black, Asian and ethnic minority prisoners. This follow-up study to our Double Trouble report sought to examine in detail the scope for statutory and non-statutory services to support and promote successful resettlement, particularly for BAME offenders. Download the report at: Clinks Publications


Is mental health a laughing matter?

Community Care and Mental Health Today have both featured articles about how humour can challenge mental health stigma among prisoners. Read more:

Community Care article

Mental Health Today article

Certitude Newsletter December 2010

Certitude newsletter December 2010

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