Support for people with learning disabilities and autism

We are experts in supporting people with complex and profound needs who require round-the-clock care. However we also provide extensive services for people with mild learning disabilities or autism such as help getting out and about, exploring interests, going to college or finding a suitable job.  Click here to see the services we offer.

managing a personal budgetWe are progressive in our approach to supporting people with learning disabilities and we use person-centred techniques to enable  individuals to have as much control over their lives as possible.

We are resourceful and resilient and we work hard to overcome the barriers faced by many people with learning disabilities.

How we support you

Not everyone wants or needs the same thing so we can support you in a number of ways. Some people require round-the-clock support – and we can provide that.  However, many people need a more flexible approach. They want to get on with their lives, with us supporting in the background.

If you need support and want to talk to us about accessing one of our services, you can contact us to find out which services are nearest to you. If you have a personal budget and want some help to plan and organise the right support for you we can also provide this help.

How we involve you

We use careful listening and questioning techniques to find out as much as possible about what each person wants from their life – this is the case even for people who find it very difficult to communicate verbally.

We invite families, friends and carers to be part of this planning process to ensure the support solution we suggest works for everyone. This enabling approach results in more interesting, independent and happier lives for the people we support.

We are also really interested in hearing from you if you have some skills and experiences that you think we would be able to use. If you want to volunteer or you have some other interesting proposal for us, get in touch.

In addition you can keep up to date with what we’re up to on Twitter, Facebook and by signing up to our newsletters.