Support for people with mental health needs

People who use our mental health services are usually trying to get their life back on track after a period of crisis or when some things have gone wrong in their life.  By helping people to plan and organise the right support, from the right person, at the right time, we can help people to get their home life back in order, rebuild connections with their family and friends, find work, if that is important, and most importantly regain their confidence and self-beliefs.

Support-MHHow we listen to you

We ask people three key questions: What’s working well in your life? What’s not working well? What’s important for your future? Then we work with you to plan your support on a one-to-one basis around these areas and we also use this information from people to develop our services and our organisation.  We believe that great listening is a skill and we train our staff to use person-centred approaches that put people at the centre of making choices and decisions about their own lives.

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How we support you

We think great relationships are the key to great support so we recruit staff with the right skills, attitudes, values and range of life experiences to provide excellent support. We train staff in person-centred and recovery-oriented approaches so that support is focused on what is important to and for the person.

We can help in practical ways with things like managing your home, paying bills, keeping appointments and staying well, and we are really good at helping people to have a full and active life. This involves supporting people if they are interested in getting fitter, making new friends, getting involved in their local community, or helping to access education, training or employment activities, or even getting involved in helping other people.

How we involve you

We’re passionate about co-production and we want to involve the people who use our mental health services – and their families – to help us design and deliver better support. We also encourage people to join the many volunteering activities we run throughout London.

We are really keen to support people to use their experience of mental health to help other people who are trying to recover. We can provide training and support to help you to become a peer supporter.

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