Corporate Partnerships

We would like to say an enormous thank you to the companies, churches and community groups who support our work through donations, volunteering and fundraising. We rely on everyone involved to achieve the wonderful things we do and it wouldn’t be possible without them.

What we can offer…

Partnership opportunities

Sponsorship and matched funding

You can sponsor or match fund one of our non-statutory services, supporting us to continue to deliver invaluable support to people. Alternatively, you could offer pro-bono support. We will add your logo to all promotional material, invite you to get involved at events and highlight your support on our website.

Team volunteering

As a corporate sponsor, your staff can volunteer both individually and in teams. For example, you could run events or workshops at one of our resource centres in London, or help people get back into work through mentoring and holding mock interviews.

Involving your customers

You could involve your customers in supporting us; for example, asking whether they wish to add a donation to their bill to support Certitude or having a collection box in your reception area. Alternatively, you could donate a percentage of the profits made from one of your products.

Pay-as-you-earn and Gifts in Kind

This is an easy way for your employees and customers to donate easily to us. We can offer advice to your HR and Finance teams on how to set these systems up.