Keep London Connected with Sport

Our Community Connecting Service in Lambeth directly tackles the threat of social isolation amongst the people we support. Nell, one of the Connectors, speaks about how sport has often been utilised to achieve this, an environment in which friendships, responsibility and communication skills are able to flourish.

There is growing evidence that people who have active, sustained social networks live longer and happier lives. This is our team’s motivation, and we are as dynamic as possible when bringing people out of isolated periods in their lives and into a time they are able to enjoy life with the people around them.

Life in London can be lonely at times, so we do what we can to help those who are more vulnerable to live a better, happier life.

Visit our campaign page here to support us in fighting social isolation.

As you’ll see throughout our #ConnectLDN campaign, our approach focuses on people as individuals, which is what makes the service a success and so unique. No two people will ever be the same or want to do the same things.

You and I wouldn’t want to be dragged along to a knitting club with our neighbours if we were into late-night raving, all because it’s easier with them living next door, would we? Of course not, so why should it be any different for the people we support?

Our Community Connectors constantly comment on the changes in the people they support following sport sessions: they become more positive, self-esteem rises and, most importantly, they are happier.

Sport has the ability to spark a rapid improvement in a person’s state of mind, fortnightly football sessions and yoga classes to name just a couple of popular examples at Certitude.

We could quote various sources for the science behind a release of endorphins and the psychological impact of group activities, but what matters the most is that we, as a service, are making a very real difference to people who may otherwise have very quiet, secluded lives.

Community Connectors will testify that the independence sport encourages will consistently enable people to rely less and less on primary services, allowing them to feel “more included in the community” and feel less stigmatised as simply people with a disability.

Support our campaign to fight social isolation amongst all of London’s residents, disability or not.

If you would like to get in touch with the service, please contact and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.