Marianne’s story

Marianne has worked with adults who have learning disabilities for 18 years. Three years ago her work took on a whole new meaning when her third son, Alex was born with Down’s syndrome.  We are following Marianne and Alex’s journey over the next couple of years to learn more about what it means to be part of social and health care systems from birth and what impact this has  on growing up to be included, accepted and in control.

Marianne’s story – part three

Marianne has been experiencing review meetings from a different perspective – as a parent not a professional – with Alex’s first statement review meeting.

Marianne’s story – part two

Lots has happened to Alex and Marianne over the last few months.  Alex has now turned 3 and has started pre-school.  Catch up with their latest news in their new video.

Marianne’s story – part one