Certitude focuses on Gr8 support!

Certitude is always looking to improve the quality of support we provide. We are open to and seek new ideas and better ways of doing things, we learn from people about their experiences and the best ways to provide support

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You are you. And you are me. And we are all together.

Throughout this week we have been sharing what people would tell themselves if they had a chance to go back when they were struggling with their mental health.

Here, Baz shares his inspirational Letter of Hope to never stop fighting…

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It will feel like the longest journey but know, you deserve this

There may be times in your life when you feel like the whole world is against you and you struggle with your mental health because of this.

For Ahmed, it was important to be strong and keep positive throughout this

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Everything will change, just don’t give up

What would you tell yourself if you had the chance to go back and tell yourself something when you were struggling with your mental health? For April, it was to stay strong and never give up. Read her Letter of

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Treat Me Right! expands training to hospital trusts across North West London

Certitude is delighted to be expanding its well known and respected Treat Me Right! project during 2017-18 to deliver autism and learning disability awareness training to 1200 health and social care staff across 6 hospital trusts in North West London.…

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It’s a new feeling – embrace it, you deserve it

Throughout this week, we have been sharing Letters of Hope as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Here, Latoya shares what she would tell herself if she had a chance to go back to a time when she was struggling

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Amazing people wanted in Richmond!

Richmond Recruitment A4 Flyers 2017

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Just take it one day at a time…

Everyone experiences changes in their mental health throughout their life. For Sarah, it was important to her that she never stopped fighting. Here is her Letter Of Hope…

Hello Sarah,

I’d ask how you are, but we both know the

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Never feel like you need to go through all this by yourself

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we are sharing Letters of Hope from people across Certitude. If you had the chance to go back and tell yourself something when you were struggling with your mental health, what would you

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We just need to learn and find a different way…

As part of Autism Awareness Week we are looking at communication. Here Laura, Day Opportunities Manager in Southall talks about Intensive Interaction and how this has helped people we support who are not able to communicate verbally.

Samson hits himself …

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