MyChoicePad app project

In today’s society, the use of ‘apps’ on smartphones and tablets has become an ingrained part of life. With the tablet’s instant, convenient access to various programmes and applications, it’s certainly far more suitable than its predecessor, the laptop!

Linked …

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“I want to make progress, not just make do.”

During mental health awareness week, we are promoting an understanding of how Certitude supports people with mental health needs. We recognise the gifts, talents and resources people already have and work together to build confidence and self-esteem, ensuring support is …

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Introducing Railton Road

Railton Road has opened its doors to visitors for the first time since its renovation project, allowing Certitude to further support people with mental health needs on their journey to recovery.

Our newly-renovated studio flats along Railton Road in Herne …

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Beyond Prison: updates and airwaves

The Beyond Prison project reflects Certitude’s belief that everyone has the right to a good life. This includes people who have served a prison sentence, who wish to integrate back into society and become a valued member of their community.

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New Peer Support Network for communities in Lambeth

people at our volunteering and peer support eventCertitude is committed to investing in resources that help local people and families who need mental health or learning disability support to build and maintain good lives, contributing actively as part of their local community.

In May, we are pleased to be …

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Independence with Autism

Theo’s first night away from home in eight years gave his brother a much-needed break from his caring responsibilities.

Theo is a man who enjoys going for walks through Virginia Water and Richmond Park, bopping his head to music and …

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Theo: Independence with Autism

In support of World Autism Day, we aim to promote awareness and an understanding of autism, as well as the importance of recognising the gifts, talents and resources that the people we support already have. We use person-centred techniques that enable individuals

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New alliance to transform the lives of people with serious long-term mental health issues

The Lambeth Integrated Personalised Support Alliance (IPSA) will offer people who currently go into long-term, expensive hospital rehabilitation wards or registered care homes the chance to live more independently in their own flat in the community.

The IPSA launches in …

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Getting techie with it! Helping people with learning disabilities lead more independent lives

Assistive technology is a growing industry, with more and more products coming on the market each year. However, many people are still unaware of what it is, and how it can benefit people we support.

With this in mind, Certitude …

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A meal to remember

Julio Salvador-Casado tells us about James’ wonderful birthday treat from Chez Bruce.

Chez Bruce, having tried his food myself a few times, is a refined restaurant with a relaxed service attitude; I saw this as the perfect opportunity to celebrate …

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