Shared Lives

People can live with a Shared Lives Carer in their home, either in a long-term arrangement or on a respite basis, which may be a day, a weekend, or a few weeks at a time.

Shared Lives enables people to benefit from consistent support from people who know them well and to build positive relationships and friendships.

Shared Lives Carers come from a variety of backgrounds and have a range of skills and experiences to offer.  What unites them is their dedication and a desire to make a difference. Shared Lives Carers enable people to get the support they need, from going out and about, to learning new skills or getting a job. People can enjoy family life, join their local community and make new friends.

We match people by finding out their interests, skills and what makes them tick and the Certitude Shared Lives support team provide continuous support, guidance and training to carers.

Certitude is a member of Shared Lives Plus which is available all over the country. For more information on Shared Lives Plus visit their website or contact us to find about our service in London.