16 Certitude Annual Review 2017 An inspired life is valued Jonny “People’s day to day decisions, choices and aspirations were at the heart of everything that I did when I was a Support Worker. Helping people to live independently, find interests and have as full a life as possible were core to my role and those values have stayed with me throughout my career. So when I am working on the Buzz project or innovations with Certitude I always think of Ray. I will often ask,‘How is what we are doing going to make a positive difference to Ray’s life?’ Ray is my ‘go to’ person for giving me purpose in what we are trying to achieve at Certitude.” We all use technology as part of our daily lives. Smart phones and tablets are everyday tools that make it easier to communicate with people around us. Buzz is an exciting project which will use this technology to create an information sharing system to help us provide better support.