18 Certitude Annual Review 2017 An inspired life is creative Jake “Lisa has a free and expressive style of painting which inspires those around her. She sits next to a guy in the Life Class who used to draw tiny pictures,sometimes cramming 12 images onto one page.Over the weeks I have seen his technique relax and his sketches getting bigger and more expansive.I’m sure Lisa can take some credit for this shift in style!” Wayne “I’ve known Lisa since she was born - I’m best friends with her dad. I trained as an artist but became disillusioned with the art world a long time ago. Watching Lisa painting with such innocence and joy has inspired me to get back to painting and now I love coming to classes at Connect & Do every Monday.” We believe that art is for everyone and all our classes and workshops are open to the local community as well as people we support.This inclusive approach benefits everyone who attends.