24 Certitude Annual Review 2017 Board Membersas at 31 March 2017 Certitude is governed by a Board of voluntary non-executive directors which meets on a regular basis.They define the strategic direction of the organisation and offer support and guidance to the Leadership Team. Eleri Ebenezer Chair Dr Patricia Connell-Julien Nick Dimbleby Bayo Emanuel Professor Sally Glen Dianne Greyson Kate James Chair of Quality, Performance & Compliance Committee Philippa Laughton Chair of HR Committee Yasmin Miller Connie Neish Laura Sullivan George Venus Sue Wickerson Chair of Finance & IT Committee Chair of Audit & Risk Committee Co-optees Bernard Campbell Michael Jones Leadership team Aisling Duffy Chief Executive Nicholas Campbell-Watts Strategic Director of Operations Liz Durrant Director of Mental Health Cheryl Newsome Director of HR Mary Schumm Director of Learning Disabilities Marianne Selby-Boothroyd Director of Development Sanjay Shah Director of Finance, IT & Housing