2 Certitude Annual Review 2017 “As a child growing up Dad loved to hear what I had been up to, always interested in my opinion and encouraging my sense of adventure.Dad expected me from a very early age to always see the good in people,never judging and to believe that anything was possible if you wanted it enough and worked hard for it. Dad is a huge inspiration for me–there is so much that connects the values my Dad instilled in me and my work at Certitude. Conversation was and still is a very important part of our relationship.I know he is incredibly proud of me as I am of him.” At Certitude,we are inspired by people. People’s experiences,hopes and dreams motivate us to do more and do better and reassure us that our support can and does make a difference. All of us know or hopefully have someone in our life who inspires us,who keeps us going when things get tough.Across Certitude,we see this loud and clear every day,that inspiration and support is a two-way relationship.The features in this annual review show the difference an inspired life can really make. Aisling Duffy,Chief Executive inspiration