4 Certitude Annual Review 2017 An inspired life is determined Radiet “Lauren has inspired me from the first day I met her. She has an absolute determination to succeed. She views every day as an adventure–life is for living! Lauren has grasped the chance to try out things which bring her happiness.Her days are filled up with horse riding,swimming,trampolining, or meeting up with people at her local library or café. It made my day when Lauren swam her first full length of the pool after several determined attempts. Lauren has exceeded all expectations and has taught me to say‘yes I can’to things I never thought were possible.” Building the right support is about inspiring each other,looking for the opportunities in life and giving it a go.Certitude’s support to people who can find day to day life overwhelming and,at times,really difficult is based on‘yes you can’ rather than‘no you can’t’.