5 CEO’s in 2 days!

We recently ran our annual competition to be CEO for the Day and were inundated with entries, including videos and poems. We were really impressed with the creativity and thought put into every submission.

We had a tough task on our hands but eventually selected 5 CEOs to work alongside Aisling on two separate days – the most CEOs we’ve ever had!

Charles, supported by Certitude in Harrow and Sabina, an active Certitude volunteer and Lambeth resident spent the first of 2 days with Aisling. On Day 2 Aisling was joined by Donna, a Deputy Manager supporting people with learning disabilities in Bromley, Natasa, a Team Manager supporting people with mental health needs in Lambeth and Victoria, a night support worker in a learning disabilities respite service in Wandsworth. They all reflect on the experience here:

Charles with Aisling

“One of the first things I did was ask for my CEO badge (can’t be a CEO without a badge!) While this was being made I had a nice chat with Sabina and Aisling and got to know each other. I spoke about how I want to be like the managers at my home and help others out. In Harrow the staff work for me.

I felt proud to be the big boss and said I’d come in everyday even if it means taking 4 trains to get here! We don’t want Aisling to be out of a job so we’ve agreed I’d be happy to be CEO when she is on holiday and CEO of my Harrow home every day!”

Charles, Harrow

Sabina with Aisling

“I was really nervous on the day but Aisling and Charles made me feel really welcome. I come to Central Office quite often as a volunteer but this was different because I was CEO. It was nice going around the office and chatting to everyone. I spoke about my experience with quality checking and taking part in protests and campaigns.

I found out I have a lot in common with Aisling, not only are we both passionate about supporting people with learning disabilities but we both pop into the bathroom now and again to check if our lipsticks are okay!”

Sabina, Volunteer

“I had met Dada who took part in this the previous year. His experience of the day along with being inspired by Learning at Work Week pushed me to put myself forward. The day has been eye opening, all assumptions that I had of what a CEO does have been broken – I’ve realised my day is not as stressful as Aisling’s! It’s been great to learn from each other and am glad I got to share the day with Natasa and Victoria.

I feel really positive after today and just as important as everyone else. It’s been a fantastic opportunity and everyone should do it.”

Donna, Deputy Manager Bromley

“I initially applied after Kirat, who was CEO for the Day last year, came into the office and told us how wonderful it was. It’s been a great experience to see good practice in action, share skills and knowledge with one another. I really value this aspect of the job as you get to have your hand in many things.

I’ve seen how important it is to have the right balance, quality and ethos to have a positive workplace. It’s been great to see we have such strong role models throughout Certitude.”

Natasa, Team Manager Lambeth

“I have a huge vision burning inside me and jumped at the chance when I heard about this opportunity. Recognition is important and I now feel more confident, motivated and inspired after spending the day with Aisling, Donna and Natasa. After today, I really do believe that ‘leaders help build others to be leaders’ – it’s empowering.

It’s encouraging to see how Aisling and the Leadership Team take everyone’s views and contributions on board, it makes a real difference.”

Victoria, Support Worker Wandsworth

“I have huge respect for the talent, curiosity, and passion people bring to Certitude. Over these 2 days we challenged our assumptions about each other and busted some myths! It was striking how much we had in common – a passion to make a difference, a commitment to the development of ourselves and others, our willingness to go the extra mile and to challenge things that aren’t right! We all need each other to be the best we can be for people and families we support – no one deserves any less.

My aspiration is that we continue sharing ideas and learning from each other, all pushing in the same direction so people can build their confidence and flourish. Many thanks to my fellow CEOs, I really valued your contribution, sharing the load and your experiences.”

Aisling, Chief Executive

L-R – Victoria, Donna, Natasa and Aisling