Amir runs to the beat!

Our Community Fundraiser, Sam, met with Amir to speak about signing up for ‘Run to the Beat’, a 10k run in Wembley this September. Amir is supported through our outreach service in Harrow.

Please consider sponsoring Amir at Run to the Beat on our fundraising page. We wish him good health and the very best of luck!

Hi Amir! So, have you done anything like this before?

No, but I used to run a lot at school. I walk loads too. I’m currently covering about 25 miles a week, and my support workers are very tired!

What other stuff do you enjoy doing, and what’s new in your life?

Swimming and rock climbing at the climbing centre under the Westway are both great fun. I also enjoy going to the gym, riding my bike and I’ve recently started online dating! I haven’t found anyone yet, but it’s still early days.

I’m also staying at my brother’s flat in Hatch End quite a lot. It’s great to feel a bit more independent, and my long term plan is to have a flat of my own.

Sounds fantastic! Now, let’s talk running. What’s your plan for training?

Great! I’m very excited about training at Roger Bannister’s running track in Harrow in July. I’m planning to run 4 to 5 times every week, and I’ve also got a treadmill I can use to make sure I’m keeping a steady pace.

Why did you decide to take on this challenge?

For me, it isn’t about losing weight; I already lost 4 stone while I was in Singapore. I’m taking on the challenge to raise money for Certitude, meet lots of new people and to get a medal!