Annabelle’s Half Marathon Report


Annabelle gets that Ealing Feeling!

Having never run a half marathon or anything of that nature before, I figured I’d seize the moment and rock ‘n’ roll with the opportunity. My only running experience was chasing my daughter around the park and a few sports days. My spontaneous signing up meant that I had only two months to train and get my apple-shaped body into to running mode. Eeek!

Off I went to buy a heavy duty sports bra, training clothes and, three pairs of running shoes later, I finally found my comfort. Training was hard at first and I had to learn how to breathe before I passed out, so I started singing to myself while out and about. My family and friends have been a big encouragement, always making sure that I was out training 5-6 days a week and even joining me on my sessions.

The penny finally dropped the day I received my running pack and I was filled with mixed emotions, but it was too late to back down. From that day I trained non-stop. Work-eat–train-sleep became my moto. On the race day I was up at 6:30 doing nothing but pacing up and down the house in a manic state thinking ‘what I have signed up for?’ Unable to eat breakfast, I started to do laundry, watching the time tick by. With a pep talk from my mum and the pressure from my daughter saying “mummy, don’t come last” I knew it was time. 8:45 I joined my running crew and had brief conversation with other runners, who were all doing their 4th or 5th marathon and little me doing my first. It felt great.

9am the gun went and off we went, slowing jogging. I set my pace and rocked to a mixture of music on my route, going up and down thinking ‘I can do this’.

From 0-9 miles all was well until my knee gave way and needed my recovery crew. Armed with sugary snacks, energy drink and ice packs I walked to my 10 miles then it was all down hill to the finishing line. As I took the corner into the park I knew it was only 400 meters to the finishing line. Seeing my family at the end of the line made it worthwhile, beating my own target time and coming in at 3:07. I still can’t believe what I have done.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I have a new appreciation for my body. Will I do it again? Maybe, watch this space!

A big thank you to everyone that has supported my challenge. You peeps rock!

Annabelle Lambourn