Barclay’s raise over £4K for Certitude

Barclays and Certitude celebrate their cycling successes!
Barclays and Certitude celebrate their cycling successes!

One of the nice things about riding a bike is the fact that you’re out in the big wide world, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells, working on your weird tan lines, synthesising vitamin D and generally having a lovely time. Not so for the staff of Barclay’s Corporate South West London, however, who have just undertaken a very unusual and quite brilliant fundraising challenge.

From 23rd-27th June, the team at Barclays rode the 478 miles from London to Paris and back again. On stationary bikes. For five whole days they rode. Pedal stroke by sweaty pedal stroke, mile by mile to raise money for Certitude. Mon dieu!

We joined them for the last leg, followed by some cold beers and food at their lovely offices on Richmond Green. They were kind enough to save the last kilometre for yours truly! After much cajoling (almost no cajoling was necessary) I put down (drank) my beer and got on the nearest bike. This would be easy, I thought, I ride all the time. I’ll be the hero, they’ll carry me around the office on their shoulders, signing my name.

They’d put the resistance up to 11. On a scale of 1-12. Ooof. It was like mild form of torture and I was soon spluttering and sweating like a plump turkey on Christmas Eve. It was a profoundly unattractive display and it really put into perspective what the guys had achieved in the 5 days. I can only imagine the horrors…

To date £2,110 has been donated via their JustGiving page, and, unbelievably, they’re matching any donations, which means they’re over four grand! We doff our cycling caps to everyone at Barclay’s Corporate South West London. What an amazing thing to do!

If you’d like to donate, there’s still time. Just head to their Justgiving page.

Sam Mason, Community Fundraiser