Beard and Wonderful

John’s Growing His Beard for a Sensory Garden in Hounslow

Our award winning Health Trainer and resident trooper-in-chief, John Keaveny, has decided to take on a unique and wonderful challenge for Certitude. During the month of October, he’s getting his beard on. John’s raising money to buy a sensory garden for one of our services in Hounslow. Grange Close is home to five adults with complex, varying needs and we think a sensory garden would be a super addition to their lives.

A sensory garden is an area set aside to provide certain types of stimulation to people who can’t get these experiences elsewhere. Typically they contain nice smelling plants like herbs and lavender, things that can be touched and manipulated like aloe vera and outdoor toys, things that make sounds like chimes or musical tubs, things that can be tasted, like chives or wild garlic, and things that just look nice, like water features.

Sensory gardens help to give people we support sensory experiences they’re not able to get elsewhere and can be great for relieving stress when they’re having a difficult day. It will be wheelchair accessible, so anyone at the service can use it whenever they want.

We’ll be updating our facebook page and tweeting photos of his hairy progress, so make sure you keep an eye out.