It’s become more than volunteering now

7As we have heard, volunteers can be vital to supporting organisations in achieving their goals. Because of their desire to contribute and help, volunteers are often highly engaged and committed to the outcomes of their work. Volunteers are also able to gain new experiences and insights, give back and help others, create connections with people, have a real sense of accomplishment and start to build different career options through their experiences.

Continuing Volunteer’s Week 2016, we caught up with Natalie Chillington, who volunteers to help the promotion and running of our Cut a Rug music nights in West Norwood. When asked what she does and why, Natalie replied:

“I help out with Certitude’s Cut a Rug music nights which take place on the second Friday of every month at the Portico Gallery in West Norwood – next one is 10th June and everyone is welcome!

I maintain the website, help look for bands to put on, update the @cutarugmusic Twitter account and assist with the running of the night itself – I can usually be found on the door with Natalie who works for Certitude and Sabina, another volunteer.

I applied to volunteer at Certitude and help out with these nights in particular because I wanted to do something worthwhile with my spare time and gain more experience working in the charity sector. However, it’s become more than that now. I thoroughly enjoy the nights we put on and being around such lovely people who share a passion for music, equality and inclusiveness.”

If you know anyone that might like to play at a Cut a Rug music night, or would like to know more about what it’s like to volunteer, please feel free to email Natalie at