The Big Draw Event in Hounslow

Creative Journeys joined up with artists Nicki Rolls & Lynsey Storer from Redlees Studios along with students from Brentford School for Girls to run their first Big Draw Event last month at the Redlees Studios.

Anita Sangha, Community Connector Hounslow tells us more about the day…

It was our first time joining The Big Draw Festival and running an event with Redlees Studios. The theme of the event was ‘Living Lines’ and people had the opportunity to leave a creative mark on their version of a map of Hounslow. We had a brilliant turnout and it was great seeing everyone contributing, putting their creative thoughts into practice and coming up with some fantastic artwork.

People used maps as a starting point for ‘Living Lines’; a range of materials were used for drawing from traditional materials such as pencil and pen to wire and 3D resources. People were able to share their ideas, express their feelings, and learn new skills from each other.

A lady living in Hounslow said “I am so glad I came in as I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve never done any creative work like this before”. Another lady added that she “had a great time today meeting everyone and painting”. She has since displayed her artwork proudly in her home – a replica of the map of Hounslow which includes her home and the café she loves visiting.

Artist Nicki Rolls said “It was great to have such a high turnout! I felt there was a great creative energy and was good to see people trying out things they never done before. The girls from Brentford School helped to make it a positive, fun day.”

We had around thirty people join from all backgrounds, ages and abilities and everyone enjoyed Miriam Spinelli’s classical and jazz music throughout the day which added to the energy and ambience of the event.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

You can see more from the day here.

The Big Draw Event ran from 1st October – 31st October 2017. More information here: