Big Lottery Fund boost will help South London’s most marginalised

Big Lottery Fund and Resolving ChaosPeople in south London with the most complex needs are set to be helped through a £9.7million grant from The Big Lottery Fund, it was announced today.

Fulfilling Lives is led by Resolving Chaos and involves a partnership of four charities working across three local authority areas*. It will help the most vulnerable and needy people in Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark by bringing together services for their clients, helping them use services more effectively and reducing costs to the taxpayer.

Ann Skinner, Chief Executive of Resolving Chaos, said:

“We are delighted with this news and are looking forward to working together to transform services and help the most needy people in these three boroughs lead stabilised and settled lives.”

The eight year funding will aim to help 270 people who have entrenched, multiple needs such as homelessness, repeat offending, substance misuse issues and mental health problems. Such individuals lead chaotic lives and regularly use emergency services when direct support would help them more effectively.

Nick O’Shea, Director of Operations at Resolving Chaos, said:

“In Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark we have identified that just 15 individuals with very complex needs cost the taxpayer £1.83million over two years in crisis interventions alone – excluding housing and benefits. They remain trapped in a never-ending cycle of arrest, use of A&E and other emergency support services with their underlying needs remaining unmet. Crucially, this funding will help us bring together services to provide more effective outcomes for this group. This in turn will bring about significant savings to the public purse and improved quality of life for these needy clients and those around them.”

The project team for Fulfilling Lives is currently being established and services are expected to be up and running in the coming months. The team will be holding a series of stakeholder events in the three boroughs to engage with existing service providers.

* Fulfilling Lives is led by Resolving Chaos and is made up of a partnership of service providers and local authorities:

The group submitted their Business Plan to The Big Lottery in November 2013 to develop an eight year programme working with people with complex needs in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. The aim of the programme is to provide stability and improve lives for clients whilst developing and promoting best practice in these three boroughs.