Brent Fanon Leadership Programme

If you are interested then come and get involved……..  See below for details and who to contact.   The programme will start on the 13 October 12-1 pm with our first workshop that will last for four weeks.

What is the Fanon Leadership Programme?

The Fanon Leadership Programme is tailored to give support and ideas about going into employment or volunteering.  The programme also has art and drama opportunities for people to get involved.

Art programme

This is an opportunity for people to become more creative, to learn skills and techniques related to art. This would be an opportunity to work towards a piece of work within the four weeks.

Overall, the art workshops have the purpose of permitting a person to express him/her, make a statement, and communicate ideas or emotions. This product of self-expression can help those who cannot, or find it challenging to use words, to say how they feel.  It could help to identify themselves with other people, feel encouraged, excited and find a purpose.  Ultimately, art at this basic level is a tool for finding harmony, balance and rhythm.

Business workshop

This will contain a talk from a local business to discuss volunteering opportunities that are available in the local area. There will also be a series of workshops that look at employment and volunteering.

Through these activities people may have a clearer idea of existing paid or unpaid employment opportunities and make decisions based in the information they get as well as direct support for accessing other supportive services in Brent.

Drama workshop

Again a creative workshop exploring the performing arts. There will be two sessions to get a taster of what it is like to perform. These workshops have been included in the programme because participation in the arts is understood to be an essential part of everyday wellbeing and quality of life.  Performing arts can:

Peer support

Giving an opportunity to have support from members of the group to help build confidence.

Existing studies of mutual support groups suggest that they may improve symptoms, promote larger social networks and enhance quality of life. Therefore, people might benefit from being exposed to others who have, to some degree, recovered from the same disorder because such experience could act to counter stigma and prevailing cultural stereotypes about mental illness.  It might offer hope and motivation to work towards a better future.

How long will each workshop last for?

Each workshop will last for an hour.

Who will be involved?

Local organisations and volunteers in and around Brent.

How long is the training programme?

The Fanon Leadership Programme will run from 13 September 2012 to 13 December 2012.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in this opportunity please come along to our Open Day on 6 September at Kingsbury Resource Centre, 364B Stag Lane, Kingsbury, NW9 9AE . If you are unable to make the Open Day you will need to contact the team no later than 11 September 2012 in order to reserve a place on the programme.  Please ring 020 8830 1776 for more information.

Who is on the team?

Fiona Bryan – Health & Wellbeing Trainee

Elizabeth Silva – Health & Wellbeing Trainee

Sukhjit Ajula – Health and Wellbeing Trainee

Ambersit Tekeste – Community Development Worker