Can I do it again next year!?

Following their successful day experiencing what it is like to be CEO of Certitude, we caught up with our three competition winners to find out their thoughts on the day. Here, John Voisey, Deputy Manager at Ambleside Avenue, talks about the future, being inspired and, of course, cake!

“On the big day, Aisling immediately put us at our ease and over a quick cup of coffee gave us our agenda for the day. The agenda took in two meetings where Aisling informed us we would be helping with the input and contribute to move those projects on. After our introductions about who we are and how we started with Certitude, Aisling gave us an insight of her career to date. I found her descriptions of what motivated her, the challenges she had met along the way, her enthusiasm for Certitude and all it stands for a genuine inspiration.

We then met up with Michelle Smith-Williams, Aisling’s Executive Assistant. Together, we went through Aisling’s schedule for the next week. Then surprise surprise! It was Michelle’s birthday the following day; and Susi, our Certitude bake off champion, arrived with a Strawberry cheesecake to mark the occasion! I was surrounded by bake off royalty, as Kirat was the runner up in the competition with her ‘Beyond Prison’ themed entry. Not much time though, to have our cake and eat it (sorry!). Moving swiftly on, Aisling took us on a tour of Lumiere Court, stopping to talk with whoever we meet, taking in all the departments along the way. We dropped in on a Financial training morning with Susi, Sanjay and Natalie that was for Service Managers. It was a good exercise, as now I can put a name to a face when I have future contact with everyone.

From that we all attended a Buzz Project update with Jonny Anders-Cannon and Emma Garvey. The information that Jonny and Emma supplied us with made this project sound exciting. We all agreed to be kept informed of its future development, and to provide Jonny and Emma with our continued support. Watch this space folks, this going to be a real breakthrough for Certitude!!

We then had a chance to catch our breath, and lunch. It was an enjoyable experience as it let us find out a bit more about each other, what we had planned for holidays etc. It also gave us time to find out about Tony’s marvelous music!! He showed us his video and explained his writing process. Really good stuff!!

Back to Lumiere, where we went straight into a Workforce strategy update with Mark Ospedale, Director of HR. Mark outlined some concepts he is working on for the coming year regarding workforce well being and ideas for recruitment. Mark was full of ideas (as always!) and again we all agreed to keep in the loop with how things were developing.

JohnOn to the final item on our agenda, we all met with Melissa Guest, Communications Manager. This meeting gave us an opportunity to reflect on our day together, what we had enjoyed, what we were going to take from the day and learn about Mel’s role and the many projects she’s involved with (and there are many, believe me!). A final opportunity to have photographs taken to record our day, and all too quickly our time with Aisling was at an end.

I want to thank Aisling so very much for this opportunity, for her encouragement and example. Thank you also to my fellow CEO’s for the day, Kirat and Tony – thank you for the added joy of meeting you, I enjoyed sharing the experience with you both. Lets stay in touch to share what we do in Certitude. Remember, we are ambassadors for the CEO!

One final thing, when this opportunity arises again and you spot the details on the intranet: Go for it!! It has been a fabulous experience and one I certainly won’t forget (can I do it again, next year?!?).”