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The impact of volunteering can never be replaced Jun 05

As part of Volunteers’ Week we are celebrating the amazing work our volunteers do. John talks to us about the impact volunteering has had on him… I first began volunteering at my sister’s suggestion. This was around a decade ago with another not for profit organisation that my brother Martin and nephew Francis belonged with. […]

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Making a change Jun 02

Following on from last year’s successful volunteer programme where UCL student volunteers collected good news stories in Hounslow from people with learning disabilities, this year we asked students to create health plans for people with mental health support needs. Here Lilu, Business Development Partner talks to us about what the programme will entail… “During the […]

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The greatest gift you give as a volunteer is your time Jun 01

For Volunteers’ Week we want to say a big thank you and celebrate the amazing difference our volunteers make to people around them. Here Jan Harris, a volunteer for Certitude’s Look Ahead Group and Best Volunteer Runner Up at the Michael Rosen Awards 2016 tells us why she is so passionate about volunteering… The greatest […]

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You are you. And you are me. And we are all together. May 12

Throughout this week we have been sharing what people would tell themselves if they had a chance to go back when they were struggling with their mental health. Here, Baz shares his inspirational Letter of Hope to never stop fighting… Hi Past Baz, this is Future Baz,I have sent this back in time with an urgent […]

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It will feel like the longest journey but know, you deserve this May 12

There may be times in your life when you feel like the whole world is against you and you struggle with your mental health because of this. For Ahmed, it was important to be strong and keep positive throughout this time. Here, he shares his Letter of Hope… Dear Ahmed, They say ‘bad things come in […]

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