Certitude and the BRIT School reveal shortlist for community partnership ‘Making a Difference’ Award

As part of our aim to build closer ties with local communities, we have been working with the renowned BRIT School on developing inclusive theatre workshop sessions for people we support and students at the School. Over the past year, we have also been developing a special award for students who make a positive contribution to their local community.

The Making a Difference Award’, launched in September last year, rewards those BRIT school students who go the extra mile to enable people in the local community to flourish, contribute and lead the life they want to lead. Candidates have been nominated by their teachers and peers, and the winner will receive a £500 prize award when the award is announced in July at a ceremony at the BRIT School.

Here below are the five short-listed candidates who have been chosen by The BRIT School, people we support, and staff within Certitude. We really felt inspired by their dedication to supporting others and creating positive change within their community. Best of luck to all of them!


Joe has been a long-standing member of Khronos, an all-male dance group, in which he has performed at the Central Christmas lights turn on in Croydon town centre last year. He conducted himself professionally at all times and demonstrated great enthusiasm in performing and sharing his skills with the audience.
Joe was also involved in the St Marks Community Project in which he taught and led workshops to younger boys to develop their confidence, skills and determination. He showed great rapport throughout the process, building positive relationships and being an outstanding role model. Due to the collaborative nature of this project he was able to build great camaraderie with his peers and younger performers, encouraging them to embrace and have courage in their performance.


When it comes to community work, Stella has a big heart and is always so inspirational in all projects. She exceeds in making personal relationships with the people she works with, creating a strong connection through us and the community. She works considerably hard in trying to make a difference to people’s lives and is always such a positive person to be around. She is an extremely caring individual and puts others before herself. She makes her workshop sessions enjoyable and worthwhile. She took the time to learn BSL (British Sign Language) to communicate efficiently within the class and community projects.


Within the first week of his time at the School, Nadeem gave his class a talk focused around what it was like to be deaf. 
 Nadeem also visits a participant who came to a few workshops at the school, and visits him at his Day Centre of Whitehorse Hub. The participant has Celebral Palsay and is also deaf and they have a strong connection and are able to communicate through gestures and sign language. Nadeem also helps at BRIT Kids every Saturday morning with music therapy. He has inspired his class by teaching them BSL (British Sign Language) with the final Community Arts Practice show “Want 2 Talk?” being the first ever show accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.


Keziah started by becoming a theatre workshop assistant at her local theatre school ‘Dream Studios’ in Oxford. Her participation in community work progressed when she became a youth representative of a local charity ‘Hopeful Notes’ which performs at music events to raise money for local charities and individuals in need. Keziah independently organised a music event which raised over £1000 for ‘The Oxford Children’s Hospital’. Keziah has volunteered as a classroom assistant at ‘Springfield School’ for young people with special needs and disabilities. Keziah then launched her blog ‘12 Months of Giving’, in which she aims to draw focus to an organisation/individual in need each month for a year. Throughout this project she has delivered Anti-Bullying Workshops and raised money for The Alzheimer’s Society. Keziah’s ambition is to set up her own community theatre school delivering drama therapy workshops. Keziah wishes to continue to use her skills and passion for the arts for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes, in order to improve the lives of others.


Adam has been involved in many beneficial community and charitable projects. His most recent project has been on behalf of ‘War Child’, a children in conflict charity. He organised a string of concerts to raise awareness and money for the charity. Adam has organised these events with a hope to raise fund for war-stricken children in countries such as Syria, Uganda, C.A.R and Iraq. He has so far raised £700 from ticket sales, excluding additional donations. As War Child liked this idea, Adam is recording the song “Bui Doi” (from Miss Saigon) – a song which explores the fact that we can do so much more than we do, and about getting children out of war zones. 
Adam does so much for charities and causes he cares about, he is a very passionate and selfless young man who vastly goes out of his way to help the less fortunate.

The lucky winner will be revealed in July – watch this space!