Certitude makes it real!

Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) is a national, cross sector leadership partnership focused on driving forward work with personalisation, community-based social care. Their unique strength is bringing together people who use services and family carers with central and local government, major providers from the private, third and voluntary sector and other key groups. The TLAP Partnership’s agreed priority areas for action include self-directed support; developing the provider market and workforce; building community capacity; improving information to the public and highlighting the importance of co-production.  TLAP has developed a work programme based on these areas and delivered a set of benchmarks  – Making it Real: Marking Progress towards Personalised, Community-based Support – for the sector as a whole to assess progress in delivering the vision of the Think Local, Act Personal partnership agreement.

So what does this mean for Certitude?

Our Chief Executive, Aisling Duffy,  is a member of the TLAP Partnership, representing VODG (Voluntary Organisations Disability Group) and therefore representing voluntary organisations.  Certitude has signed up to Making it Real. We have developed an action plan for the Making it Real markers – view here. Our action plan highlights our continuing work being carried out through our ISF pilot as well as within the wider organisation. Certitude’s customer satisfaction survey for this year also included questions in line with the Making it Real markers to help us establish a base line for personalised support and to chart our progress over the next few years.