Christmas wishes from everyone at Certitude

At this time of year it is fitting to pay tribute to the wonderful impact good support has on people’s lives.

Standing alongside people and sharing some of life’s most profound and uplifting moments, darkest times and everyday experiences. We accompany people in all sorts of adventures, trying new things, learning skills, harnessing hope and strength to take advantage of the possibilities ahead. We share the joy when things turn out better than hoped, sadness when life throws what can feel like unbearable challenges our way and laughter as we enjoy simple pleasures together. What a privilege this is.

I want to thank all our wonderful staff, volunteers, board members, supporters, donors and partners for the thoughtful, kind and often inspiring support you provide throughout the year. Many of our colleagues will be working over the festive period sharing wonderful moments of hope, joy and happiness. The Certitude bells of gratitude ring loudly as we say thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Aisling Duffy

Chief Executive