Collaboration at the heart of the matter

At Certitude, we believe everyone has the right to a good life and enjoy supporting people with complex mental health needs to achieve this.

Belief that people with severe and enduring mental health needs can live a great life is fundamental, but our learning in Lambeth has also taught us that so is collaboration.

The Lambeth Integrated Personalised Support Alliance (IPSA) is an alliance of organisations that have come together in Lambeth to transform the lives of people with serious long-term mental health issues. It offers people who currently go into long-term, expensive hospital rehabilitation wards or registered care homes the chance to live more independently in their own flat in the community. The aim is to help people who use the services recover and stay well, participate on an equal footing in daily life and make their own choices.

The alliance is made up of five partners including ourselves, Thames Reach, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Lambeth Council and is part of a collaborative approach in the borough bringing together voluntary sector providers, health professionals, commissioners and the people using the services.

As part of the alliance, Certitude has the privilege of providing a specialist service that assists people to develop the skills and confidence needed to live in their community. We provide personalised support aimed at helping people to recover, stay well, and to benefit from more independent living. People are supported by skilled staff and have access to integrated clinical and social support when needed to help them manage their recovery and cope with periods of crisis. Usually within 6 months of receiving support, people will have the necessary skills and confidence to step down to lower support or independent housing.

*Dan became unwell when he was 18 and was admitted to hospital due to experiencing symptoms of psychosis. Dan was supported through a number of locked acute and rehabilitation services over a 7-year period across London and told us he had lost hope of ever living in the community or near his family. Lambeth IPSA believed in the possibility of Dan living in the community and worked collaboratively to support him to move to Turrets, an accommodation service we provide, and then on to more independent living where he lives today. Dan is testament to the possibilities created when systems can work together to support people with severe and enduring mental illness to live great lives in their community.

*We have changed the person’s name to protect his anonymity.