Community Spirit comes to the House of Commons!

It’s important for us to work with local communities to find ways to build new networks and partnerships that benefit everyone. 

On Thursday 12th October Pamela Newman, Head of Service in Ealing and John Keaveny, Treat Me Right! Learning Disability Awareness Trainer Coordinator were invited to the House of Commons by Dr Rupa Huq MP to celebrate local community groups in the area. Here, they share with us their experience of visiting the House of Commons…

“It was a beautiful day going to the House of Commons. It was Pamela’s first time here and having been before I was pointing everything out to her – I felt like a tour guide (which I loved!).

We then made our way to the main area where we met Dr Rupa Huq, MP for Ealing Central and Acton. I was so pleased she remembered me – she had visited me and my housemates at home a few months ago so it felt like two friends catching up!

It was a great evening where we did some networking, met new people and saw some familiar faces. I spoke to people about Certitude, the work we do at Treat Me Right! and about my role which I love.

I can’t wait to go back.”

John Keaveny, Treat Me Right! Learning Disability Awareness Trainer Coordinator


“This was my first time at the House of Commons and it was a chance for us to represent Certitude and share the good work we are doing. It was also a great way for us to meet other local community groups and see how we could potentially collaborate and work together in the future.

After getting through security, we made our way to meet Dr Huq and had a chance to speak with her. We also managed to have a sneak peek of the terrace (normally a place where only MP’s are allowed to go) – we definitely felt like royalty!  With such amazing views, it was a great opportunity to get a picture with the London Eye in the background.

We met Lord Dubs, who shared some interesting stories about Parliament. Dr Huq gave a speech about her continuing to be MP for Ealing Central and Acton. Other speakers talked about the reduced budgets for Health and Social Care and the importance of working together to continue to provide great services for people.

It was a very busy evening mingling, building positive relationships and talking about all the great work that happens within the Ealing Community. There are some great opportunities for partnership building and working together to benefit the wider community and I look forward to Certitude being part of making this happen. It was a great night all round.

Thank you to Dr Rupa Huq MP for inviting us to celebrate the work of our local community which Certitude is proud to be part of.”

Pamela Newman, Head of Service – Ealing