Connect & Do: Corinne’s experience

Connect  Do Joined circles postcardCorinne first found out about Community Connecting through the Carer’s Hub, and contacted Certitude’s Community Connecting independently to register her interest in getting involved.

Week 1: At week 1 Corinne and her coach sat down in a local pub to explore her interests. After looking at the Connect&Do website Corinne expressed an interest in joining a local jewellery making class. Corinne was accompanied by her Community Connecting coach to the first jewellery class. She enjoyed this very much, and began to attend regularly.

Week 6: At week 6 Corinne decided that she would like to begin participating in a local gardening group that she found herself on the Connect&Do website. She was happy to attend by herself. 


Corinne now takes part in the jewellery-making class and gardening group regularly. She is keen to join a runner’s group that regularly jogs in Brockwell Park. She has started jogging by herself to prepare.


Corinne has made good friends with people who are part of the jewelry class.

Through the gardening group she has also met some people with experience of caring for people with learning disabilities. With this group she has valued being able to share her experiences of looking after her son, and feels less alone in her caring responsibilities.


From an early stage in her coaching journey, Corinne was able to look for opportunities independently using the Connect & Do website. She is now proactive about finding groups and activities that she is interested in joining.

Corinne has developed a more positive outlook. She now recognises the good things in her life, such as the fact that she is a loving and caring mother of two “beautiful sons.”  She is keen to move forwards rather than remaining fixated on problems she has experienced in the past.

In the past Corinne struggled to trust other people, but she has grown to be more open and now believes that there are people out there who would be happy to help in times of crisis.

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