Connect & Do – creating connections for improved health

Improving lives, connecting communities and reducing demand on health and social care services Connect & Do

Connect and DoConnect & Do is an online social networking tool which helps people connect to others around them and engage better with their community.

Developed across six boroughs in London (Lambeth, Southwark, Bromley, Ealing, Hounslow and Brent), it’s a one-stop place where users can find a range of activities, hobbies and groups to suit their interests in the area where they live.

Why Connect & Do?

Connect & Do is an easy-to-use and accessible tool specifically, but not only, designed for people with poor health and well-being to be able to play a more active part in their community. Connect & Do aims to support people with a shared experience of loneliness and social isolation to feel connected to where they live.

We know that people we support can find it difficult to feel fully involved with their local community. This online tool is a way for people in these circumstances to re-connect with the people and places around them.

As an organisation, we believe that people we support have assets— personal capacity, talents and aspirations that can be unlocked through simple conversations and connections with others, through joining in and offering to help other local people and groups too. We work alongside people to form connections with ordinary community activities and resources.

Connect & Do enables people to connect with others around shared interests so that friendships can form. These are more likely to be sustainable, because people have things in common.

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