Dancing in the street at Wardley Street!


It’s an invitation across the nation, a chance for folks to meet
They’ll be laughing and singing, music swinging Dancing in the street

For most people, holding a street party is something that’s nice to do, but not absolutely necessary. For the people and families at Wardley Street it is an essential part of the calendar. So what makes this so special…?

The team at Wardley Street worked their socks off to ensure the party went well and dedicated lots of their time to making food, organising things to sell and advertising the event in the local community. The amount and quality of the food was amazing!

So many other people helped this year in the set up and running of the event. This year particular thanks go to Lester and Sabina who arrived early to help us build gazebos – which was no easy task. Clive also arrived early to help us put up bunting and blow up balloons. This made it all look fabulous!

The friends of Wardley Street, which is made up of families of people who use the service, were involved in planning the party and worked tirelessly to ensure there were plenty of attractive things which people wanted to buy. So many families donated great things to sell, made jewellery, donated amazing raffle and auction prizes. The amazing plants (thanks to Pat) which sold like hot cakes and the cakes on the cake stall (thanks to Ann) which also sold like hot cakes!

The sponsors, Barnard Marcus, ensured we had a great prize to auction (a Bluetooth stereo) which was eventually auctioned for £70. The Co-op also donated some food towards the event.

Thanks to Adrian Frazer, the DJ, who played the best tunes and made sure everyone was up on their feet ‘dancing in the street’.

Thanks also to The Grosvenor pub and other pubs customers who donated money to the event!

Lastly, thank you to all the people who turned up on the day and made the day so special. This year we had more people than ever including people we support, people we have previously supported, families, local councillors and members of the public! This event provided opportunities for people to make new connections, meet new people and it demonstrates people have an active presence in their local community as well as being able to actively contribute to their community. And, to top it all, we managed to raise £977. Brilliant!