Enjoy every moment and don’t live life with regret

ChristopherAs part of World Down Syndrome Day, we’ve been catching up with people about what is most important to them. Here, Christopher talks about what “My Voice, My Community” means to him.

If anyone asks, I’m related to Ronny O’Sullivan but I’m a much better snooker player (we really just share the same last name!). I love Irish music, dancing and most of all Guinness… I’ve even visited the factory in Dublin when I went to visit my godfather. Allyson, one of my support team went with me to see Foster and Allen perform which I really loved. The highlight of my year so far though has been when I went to see Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance at the New Wimbledon Theatre; I had to stop myself from going up on the stage!

I love the Royal Family. I send a Christmas card every year to the Queen, 10 Downing Street, the Mayor of London and the local Mayor – I’ve received replies for these which I proudly display! I like going to the local Church every Sunday, which I am a member of. The church has activities such as coffee mornings and dancing, which I enjoy.  I also like playing badminton, table tennis and darts.  I love going 10 pin bowling – most of all because I always beat Terry, another member of my support team! Being part of my community is what I enjoy the most as I get to meet new people.

My love for dancing has won me many awards in Strictly Come Dancing style competitions. I also attend a weekly dance club where I met my girlfriend. We have been together for 10 years!

I love watching Tottenham Hotspurs and England International matches – my favourite player is Harry Kane. I’ve been to see Tottenham play at White Hart Lane and been on a tour. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a birthday card from them too! My dream job would be to be the manager at Tottenham Hotspurs – maybe I’ll get a chance once Mauricio Pochettino leaves!

I’ve been to many places over the last few years, which I’m really thankful for. My support team is great and I enjoy going out with them. I’ve visited places such as Butlins, Tenerife, and Salzburg, where I went to see where the Sound of Music filming took place. In the UK, I have visited the Natural History Museum, seeing the dinosaurs and the interactive displays. I have also visited the Harry Potter Studio, the Star Wars tour and the Doctor Who Museum. I love that I get the opportunity to visit so many places. I’ve already given Terry a list of places I want to visit this year, including Buckingham Palace – I might even bump into the Queen if I’m lucky!

I was happily married for 7 years till my wife sadly passed away. Since then I have realised that you need to enjoy every moment and not live life with regret…