Everyone has the right to be involved

Last week, BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme  as well as Radio 4’s You and Yours , featured the issue of families and carers being able to visit their loved ones and raise concerns, if needed, about the quality of support being provided.

In the programmes, families talked about some of the repercussions to them of raising concerns – including being banned from further visiting.  The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has now  issued guidance on visiting rights for families, carers  and friends  supporting  someone  who  is living  in a Care Home .

Certitude welcomes and strongly supports the guidance issued by the CQC.  Through involvement and listening approaches that we use, such as Working Together for Change, people we support have repeatedly told us that one of their top priorities is being able to develop, maintain and strengthen relationships with family, friends and partners.

But just because it’s right it doesn’t mean that it’s always easy.  Working with families, carers and friends can sometimes be challenging for staff and organisations especially when there are disagreements.  Certitude invested in a Family Support team specifically to support positive working relationships between teams and families, including developing the awareness and skills of teams and directly supporting families to help work through difficult moments.

People and families have the right to be listened to by Certitude teams and managers.   Compliments are great because they confirm the great work we are doing, but we also encourage people to complain when they are not happy with something we do  as this helps  us drive change and improvements to the support we provide.  More widely, feedback can also be provided through our regular satisfaction surveys, Working Together for Change and our Comments and Complaints policy which can be found here.  Please contact your local manager for more information about these options.

Nicholas Campbell-Watts
Strategic Director of Operations