Exciting Personalisation Project begins

We’ve started an exciting Personalisation Project which will transform the way we work and see a real increase in:

•    Choice and control for people we support
•    Clearer links between the quality and quantity of the service we provide and each individual’s outcomes

Individual Service Funds (ISF’s) are one of the ways Personalisation can happen.
In 8 of our mental health and learning disability services in Lambeth, Ealing and Hounslow, we are developing a form of ISF’s to people we support.

Our ISF’s will be delivered in the form of hours; we will work out how many hours each individual has direct personal control over and match this with their Person Centred Plans or Recovery and Support Plans so that they get the right support to live the lives they want.

We are using a set of ‘I statements’, introduced to us by Helen Sanderson Associates, which will help us to measure the success of the pilot for each individual:

“I can use my hours / budget flexibly and can choose what I am supported with”

“I am supported where it makes sense for me, at home and out and about”

“I choose who I want to support me, my support worker knows me and I know them”

“I get support on the days and at the times that are right for me”

“I choose how I am supported and my support workers know this is important to me”

“I am fully involved in decisions about my own support and how the wider service develops”

“I am supported to build and maintain my friendships and to be a full and active member of the community”

We expect to learn a lot along the way and one of our key aims is to share our experiences with partners inside and outside of the organisation. We’ve written a guide for staff to talk to families about the project

We will keep you updated on our work through our website so watch this space!