Feeling part of the community

As part of Learning Disability Week, we are raising awareness about the importance of employment and being involved within the community for people with learning disabilities. Here, Amanda talks to us about what this has given her…

It’s important for people to be and feel part of their community. If you know me, you’ll know that I enjoy socialising with friends and spending time with my family as I am very close to my mum and dad and my three brothers. I also enjoy going out for meals, disco, cinema, having a good sing-a-long at the local karaoke place and a good old chat with friends!

I have loved cooking for a long time so began a catering course at a local college. Volunteering at my dad’s restaurant on a regular basis motivated me to join the course. During my time in the classroom my love for cooking became even greater. My tutor saw that I had the potential to do a lot more and got me some work experience at a local café. I then volunteered at a few other places.

I have now worked at local primary schools as a dinner lady for over ten years. What I enjoy most about my role is serving dinner and helping my colleagues. I am hoping this can lead to my dreams of being a sous chef in the near future. I also get more holiday than my family – BONUS!