Corporate Partnerships

Here at Certitude, we enjoy working with companies of all shapes and sizes across the UK.

We create meaningful partnerships that deliver life affirming change for people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs, as well as their families and carers. We strive to ensure our partnerships are effective, rewarding and above all leave a real lasting legacy for everyone concerned.

Why your support matters to Certitude

As a new corporate partner, your support would be integral to providing opportunities to do even more for people we support – providing things like community projects, engaging activities and technology such as tablets and devices to help people we support to communicate in ways that work for them. Your support really can help people to live fulfilling and rewarding lives.

We have worked in partnership with some fantastic organisations to date, including:

Why choose Certitude

Every partnership is unique and requires time to explore the different ways in which we can work together. We work with our partners in the same way we work with people we support – focused, responsive and doing everything we can to ensure the most successful outcomes.

Our smaller London-centric structure works in our favour for two main reasons. Firstly, there is always opportunity for flexibility and innovation and secondly, the donations you raise will have an impact you can see with your very own eyes.

If your company has regional offices please do not let our London focus put you off – we have projects that will ensure even your regional colleagues will be able to engage with Certitude in a meaningful and motivating way.

How we can work together to make a difference

Charity of the year

Whether you are a small London firm with 4 people or a large nationwide firm with over 10,000 colleagues nationwide there is something that everyone can do to raise funds for people we support.

The beauty of fundraising is that nothing is too trivial. Bush tucker trials, fire walks, abseils, wing walking, head shaves…! We have all the resources (and experience!) to implement these fundraisers in your workplace.

We have a dedicated Corporate Partnerships team with over 15 years experience of working on UK wide partnerships. The team will devise a tailored package that supports the goals of your Corporate Social Responsibility Programme and provide ample opportunities like training and meeting people we support to further staff engagement.


We have a range of exciting events that employees can get involved with, either individually or as a team. Examples include joining one of our inclusive football training sessions, mass participation running events or our annual Michael Rosen staff awards ceremony.

Financial donations

We know that companies may want to offer a one-off financial donation and be sure that it is being invested in the best way possible. We will work with you to make sure the donation is maximised in the best way possible.

Gifts in kind/Pro bono support

You can support us through donating products you may not need anymore, providing us with meeting spaces and utilising your specialist skills and expertise to help us with some of our projects.


If you would like to heighten the visibility of your services to our supporters, you can sponsor some of our publications or events. Our sponsorship opportunities are a great way of connecting with target audiences while demonstrating good corporate citizenship.


Are you a shower singer? Do you like a spot of DIY? Can you make a good cup of tea? Do you play a sport or a musical instrument? Skills like these can really help change the lives of people we support. We encourage companies to sign up and volunteer at any one of our 122 services across London to provide people we support with different and exciting opportunities.

Let us return the favour…

In return for your support, we can offer you:

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Partner with Certitude, please contact Seema Katrina Chopra, Corporate Partnerships Manager on 07925 034 974 or at