Getting hospital treatment right

For people with learning disabilities and autism, any hospital procedure can be particularly daunting.

Certitude’s Treat Me Right! team has been providing specialist support in this area for ten years.

Recently Ben*, who has profound learning disabilities and autism, required a colonoscopy and blood test to get a clear picture of his health, ensuring he could receive prompt treatment if needed.

Treat Me Right! experts worked with Ben’s regular Certitude support team to consider:

In Ben’s case these adjustments included playing Ben’s favourite music while recovering from the anaesthetic, making sure the Treat Me Right! trained champion from the colonoscopy department was there on the day and having someone familiar support him before and after the procedure.

Barry, who supported Ben throughout said, “the support and advice from Treat Me Right! ensured that Ben got the best care and treatment. Everybody was on board and knew what to do, including me. The hospital staff made sure Ben was doing well throughout and everything went smoothly with little distress to him.”

*name has been changed to protect identity

You can find out more about the work Treat Me Right! here