Getting techie with it! Helping people with learning disabilities lead more independent lives

Assistive technology is a growing industry, with more and more products coming on the market each year. However, many people are still unaware of what it is, and how it can benefit people we support.

With this in mind, Certitude held a ‘Getting Techie with It’ event in January, the aim of which was to showcase the range of technology available which can make a real difference for people with learning disabilities, whether their support needs are relatively mild or more profound.

The term ‘assistive technology’ refers to ‘any device or system that allows an individual to perform a task that they would otherwise be unable to do, or increases the ease with which the task can be performed’. It can cover everything from a simple alarm to the latest in biometrics.

At ‘Getting Techie with It’, a variety of technology providers showcased their products – some of the gadgets on display were really impressive, and it was inspiring to see how they could greatly enhance someone’s life, and enable them to be more independent. As well as staff from Certitude, a range of other providers also attended, with over 130 people coming to the event throughout the day.

Together with our Intensive Interaction team, we are working closely to see how additional equipment can support people to lead more independent lives, and how assistive technology options can play a key part of people’s support plans.

As technology improves, the more it can do to help people with learning disabilities to lead more independent lives – and is key to helping people live their lives more as they would wish.