Government cuts affect us all

Certitude Chief Executive, Aisling Duffy, is committed to minimising the impact of Government cuts on Certitude customers.  The level of funding cuts announced by the Coalition government is greater than most local authorities expected. In practice this means that local authorities will have to take tough decisions about what they will, and will not, be able to fund. This will inevitably lead to cuts in the funding Certitude receives to provide care and support services. These cuts are around 25-35% over the next few years with a higher proportion of the cuts required in 2011/12.

Aisling Duffy
Aisling Duffy, Chief Executive comments:

“Without doubt this is a very significant challenge, not just to us but to all our third sector partners. At Certitude we are committed to minimising the impact of these cuts on our customers. We will need to do this in a variety of ways.

“Firstly we will direct our resources into providing individualised support that offers a range of options, this will include inviting people to play a greater part in managing and directing their own support. Secondly we will be remodelling a number of services so that new sources of funding and greater choice and control can be passed to our customers.

“Finally we will be maximising the efficiencies that can be gained as result of bringing our two organisations – Support for Living and Southside Partnership – together under Certitude. This will involve reviewing our staffing model in every service to ensure we gear as many resources as possible from management to direct support.”