‘A great experience and opportunity’

TonyFinally, Anthony shares what he enjoyed being CEO for the day…

“I entered the competition to become CEO for a day out of curiosity. I’ve worked at Certitude for almost 6 months and didn’t know as much about the organisation as I would like to or what goes on behind the scenes. When I applied, I didn’t expect to be chosen, so when I was I felt a bit nervous, but filled with excitement at the same time!

We started the day in Aisling’s office and introduced ourselves, talking about what we do both at Certitude and outside and our reasons for applying to become CEO for the day. This really broke the ice and make me feel a little more relaxed – we had a cup of tea and the mood definitely settled.

We were shown the timetable for the day so that we knew what to expect and were then taken around the office to meet all of the different teams that work there. It really struck me how much preparation Aisling puts into her day along with other people like Michele Smith-Williams, Executive Assistant to Aisling and Sanjay.

What surprised me the most was how dedicated and passionate everybody was about the work they do for Certitude. To work in an environment like Certitude you definitely need to be organised and prepared to work hard and have a solid sense of humour!

I would encourage other people to do this as it was a great experience and a great opportunity to meet new people and learn how Certitude works.”