‘Hey Google!’ What technology can do for you…

Yvette lives in Hounslow and recently treated herself to a new gadget for her birthday – Google Home.

Here, Yvette and  Jo, who is a member of Yvette’s support team, tell us about the difference Google Home has made and how it has given her greater independence at home…

“Yvette has seen the Amazon Echo at her boyfriend’s house, particularly how he used it to play music, and decided she wanted something similar for her birthday. We researched different devices together and chose Google Home as it had a greater variety of apps and can link up to other devices, such as Yvette’s Smart TV.

Yvette activates the device by shouting ‘Hey Google!’ and asking a specific question, to which it responds, ‘Hi Yvette’ and the answer or request – Yvette basically now has her own personal PA!

Yvette’s favourite things about Google Home is that it can play music on request: “I can ask for any song – Hey Google, play Shaggy! Play Carolina!”.

Music is incredibly important to Yvette. Previously, she used YouTube on her tablet, but needed support from staff to type in a specific song choice. Now, however, all Yvette needs to do is ask and it will play any song she wants to listen to, whenever she wants to listen to it.

Google Home also has tons of other benefits for Yvette. She uses it to find out what plans she has for the day, find out who is supporting her, play radio stations and ask what the local weather will be like. Yvette also loves going to the cinema and can use Google Home to check local show listings and timings. She adds reminders and alarms and has also linked it to different apps like Whatsapp, so she can make phone calls to family and friends. It can even tell a joke or answer any trivia question Yvette might have!

Yvette has now had Google Home for just over a month, so there is so much more to explore. She is currently looking at buying compatible lightbulbs which can be linked up and then switched on and off by voice command – something which she needs support with at the moment.

Google Home has made a noticeable difference to Yvette’s home and the control she has. She now has better choice about what she wants to do and when. Yvette is hoping to use it for her next party: “I want to create a party playlist! I want to be a DJ!”. The opportunities really are huge!

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