The importance of taking care of yourself

As a carer, it can be difficult to look after yourself and have some ‘me time’ when taking care of a loved one. Here, Liz explains to us the importance of taking some time out for yourself…

Hi there, my name is Liz Hanlon and my son, Kieron, is 26 years old. He has Down’s Syndrome and sleep apnoea, so I struggle a lot with getting enough sleep. Having groups like Certitude enables me to get the rest I need to carry on caring for him alongside working part time and it also means I can attend meetings as the Co-Chair of Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly.

Kieron enjoys socialising with other peers – he loves performing and the Brit School project is one he loves doing each year. When Kieron attends group activities with Certitude and other groups, I am able to spend time giving my attention to my daughter who has 3 children. I love to go swimming or have a sauna which I try to do when I get the chance and it is so much more relaxing when I can get the opportunity to have some ‘me time’ and recharge my batteries.

I get this opportunity while Kieron heads off on his holidays, so I head down to Devon on a regular basis. This is important as it allows me time to rejuvenate and catch up on my sleep, enables me to carry on caring for my son.

When you don’t get time to yourself, the quality of care you can give your loved one suffers and your health will also suffer in the long run. It is so important to have time to yourself on a regular basis to help with your own wellbeing.