Investing in Leadership

Certitude needs leaders at every level of the organisation, to support our development and deliver services in more effective, creative and person-centred ways as true partners in local communities.

More than ever, we require lots of sound management to lead, inspire, motivate and empower our employees and volunteers, to mobilise our shared vision and build innovative capabilities for the future.

To this end, we have been investing in two programmes: Leading at Certitude and Succeeding at Certitude.

Leading at Certitude

Every manager within Certitude is being developed into a ‘Leader’ as part of a 2 year integrated programme; this includes group learning sessions, on-the-job activities, guided project groups, self-insight through tools like MBTI and 360 feedback, action learning sets and access to bespoke online resources. We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback about the very practical and applicable differences it has made for managers, who have a new set of skills and confidence to support them in becoming the leader they need to be.

A programme for people wanting to go for promoted roles will also be starting later in the year.

Succeeding at Certitude

This nine month programme focuses on how we ensure the highest levels of professional performance in Certitude and support people to succeed in their roles. The manager programme focuses on getting things right with new employees from the moment they are appointed, throughout probation and further into their career; this includes getting the best from people and how to approach a situation effectively when things go wrong. The programme for all staff focuses on what great performance looks like, what’s needed to move forward, how managers can provide support and reaffirms our open, honest culture through regular feedback.

We’re very excited about these changes, what has already been achieved and the successes ahead of us, and we look forward to sharing these stories as the year progresses.