John and Barry’s visit to the House of Lords

HOL1-300x168[1]On Tuesday 5th July, John and Barry went to the House of Lords for the Presentation of the See Ability Report on Delivering and Equal Right to Sight. The event was organised by See Ability and the Optical Confederation with representatives from LOCSU as well as a number of Government Ministers, MPs and Peers. Organisations from all over the country who have worked to improve sight care and treatment for adults with learning disabilities and autism were invited to attend.

Certitude and Treat Me Right! appear in this report as a case study in which John took part in last year. We asked John about his experience:

“A few months ago I got an invitation from See Ability and asked if Barry would like to go with me instead of Elsa. I met Barry at the bus stop outside the Lido centre in West Ealing and we got on bus to Northfields then tube to Westminster.

We got there early so me and Barry had a wander around Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament. At about 2:45 pm we went to Black Rod’s Garden, through security and then we waited outside for about 10 minutes before we were lead through to the Atlee Suite where the event was being held.

There wHOL62-575x1024[1]ere sandwiches and cakes. I loved the scones with cream and jam, they were fantastic. There was a lot of people there, from all over the country. I chatted to a lot of people including Lucy from Speakeasy Worcester (a self advocacy group) and a few people from Bradford People First Peer Educator Network.
I also talked to Stephen Kill (Eye Care and Vision Manager) and Scott Watkin (See Ability’s Eye Care and Development Officer). We talked about the Look Here event that I took part in with Scott and Stephen. Treat Me Right will be arranging another one as it was such a success last time.

At 4pm I listened to the speeches made by Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE, David Scott Ralphs (Chief Executive of See Ability), Katarina Venerus (Managing Director of LOCSU), Alistair Burt MP (Minister of State for Community and Social Care), Justin Tomlinson MP (Minister for Disabled People) and Scott Watkin who told us all about his experience losing his sight. Some of the speeches were funny and made me laugh.

I chatted with people for another half hour after the speeches and then we all gathered together in the garden for a group photo. It was a fantastic day, the weather was nice and there was a lot of people there.”