Just take it one day at a time…

Everyone experiences changes in their mental health throughout their life. For Sarah, it was important to her that she never stopped fighting. Here is her Letter Of Hope…

Hello Sarah,

I’d ask how you are, but we both know the answer to that. You are frightened. You feel lost and despite everyone around you, you feel completely alone. Things haven’t been right for a while now have they. You haven’t felt like you for a very long time. You think it doesn’t matter and you think that the wall you have built up is fooling everyone into thinking you are okay, but you will learn that there are more people around you who are worried than you will see right now. Remember that – despite how it feels, people do care about you.

Right now, you need to be honest with yourself and you need to admit how you are feeling. Darkness doesn’t go away on its own, you must fight and you have a long time fighting ahead of you. But you will get there, I promise – I am proof of that. There will be many times when it feels like nothing is changing, like you aren’t getting anywhere and you will have thoughts that will make you uncomfortable. You will cry, you will be angry. You will push people away and you will eventually stop feeling at all. People aren’t always kind – both your trust and your heart will be broken along the way. You will panic, you will crumble and at times you will fail. But that’s ok, because you will never stop fighting.

It seems like a distant memory, but try to remember who you are. Among the chaos, remember the person who finds sanctuary in peace and stillness. The person who looks for beauty in everything. The person who lives life and everything it has to offer – you will find her again, one day. You will learn to trust again. You will learn to love again. You will learn to love yourself again. You will dare to hope and you will find strength and courage you never knew you had. Just take it one day at a time.

Always remember you are a good and kind person and you will grow into a strong, beautiful woman. Above all you will, one day, be happy again. I promise. Never give up the fight.

All my love,