Laureta’s Story

Laureta is a Certitude Volunteer.   When things went very badly wrong in her previous job, Laureta  thought she had ruined her chances of getting decent position again. She is very happy that Certitude has given her a second chance. Laureta explains:

“I realised that I needed to find a position which was less pressurised than my previous role in accounts with a private company and the opportunity for an interview came up at the Fanon Resource Centre. Everyone was very understanding and no one judged me on what had happened before. People here seem to have accepted my circumstances and it’s a really supportive environment.”

Laureta works a few days a week as a volunteer undertaking a variety of administrative roles from data inputting to creating spreadsheets. She is comfortable with the level of responsibility and the coaching and training she is receiving is helping her to regain her confidence. She continues:

“This feels like my kind of job; it’s quite relaxed and I am not being rushed so I’m not worrying about making mistakes. I work to a step by step work plan which feels comfortable for me and there are always plenty of people in the office to help out if I get stuck.”

With some good work experience under her belt Laureta is looking to the future – which could be within Certitude.

“I am really interested to find out more about the Beyond Prison project. I feel the experience I have had could be put to good use. I know what it’s like to feel desperate and how much better its feels once you have found the right support. I feel I could help with that.”